Manganese Phosphatising electrolytic Galvanising
metal anticorrosive surface treatment

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Rivestcor PLUSES for for electrolytic Galvanising and manganese Phosphatising. Large-sized tubs (length: 6.000 mm, depth: 2.000 mm) Production capacity of 10.000 ton/year for galvanising and 700 ton/year for phosphatising.

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Galvanisation scaffolding bars to 6,30 meters long

Galvanisation scaffolding bars

We realized by making use of the diagonal of our tanks, galvanizing the scaffolds of bars for 6,30 meters long!

Manganese Phosphatising

Manganese Phosphatising

Phosphatising process mainly consists in immerging the already cleaned material into a hot phosphatic solution of manganese salts (85°-90°C), after activation in solution containing grain refining agent. After drying with warm air in oven, the material is impregnated with protective oil and then conditioned.

Anticorrosive surface treatment

Anticorrosive surface treatment

The material is first of all cleaned independently whether it must be galvanised or phosphatised.

Electrolytic galvanising

Electrolytic galvanising

The galvanising process takes place in tanks containing a soda-alkaline solution at 120g/l, dissolved zinc at about 8g/l and commercial additives Primion 240 by Coventya, for electrochemical reduction caused by the cathodic polarization of the material in electrical contact with a c.c. rectifier; the electrochemical cell part is composed of carbon steel plates placed sideways on the material.


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About us

The capacities of our Human Resources and the cooperation with Ing. A. Laidani, who put at our disposal his consolidated experience in this field, allow us to deliver consulting services which go beyond the mere surface treatment.

Each piece under treatment is subject to a customized and optimized working cycle, in order to obtain the best in terms of quality while reducing the costs.

The consolidated capacities of our technicians are integrated and supported by efficient analysis equipment and by an adequately equipped internal laboratory.

The plant for the recovery and regeneration of vector fluids and mixtures for a perfect electrolysis, are very powerful and reliable and allow fast production times and environment protection in compliance with the more recent regulations in force on reduction of pollutants.